Field of business

Joli’s TDC Holding BV is a financial holding SBI-code 6420, having its statutory seat in Maastricht, The Netherlands and entered into the Commercial Register under No. 14635875 since 1997.

The “Joli Group” (Joli’s TDC Holding BV and all its affiliates, subsidiaries and partners) is an international group of companies which provide consulting- and management services covering a variety of industrial/technical products, key-turn projects and value chain as well as performs either for own account or for the account of third parties; the import and export of industrial, technical, medical and research equipment as well as consumer goods; produce, manufacture, package, distribute, market and sell dairy products, beer, non-alcoholic beer and a range of beverages, including beverages derived from beer and the beer brewing and fermentation process, wort-based beverages, soft drinks, (mineral) water and fruit juices.